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Embedding package for vocational delivery

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CPD session - from wide range of relevant topics


Other support (calculated on daily rate)


Time to debunk the myths about embedding maths and English in vocational delivery. It doesn’t mean crowbarring Pythagoras into a practical hairstyling session. It doesn’t mean becoming a delivery expert in either subject, or squeezing extra content into a crammed scheme of work.

OFSTED expects to see “a purposeful curriculum that provides progression and stretch, as well as mathematics and English for ALL learners,” but this is commonly an area where providers struggle.

I can support your staff to identify opportunities to embed maths and English in their delivery. Simple strategies such as teachable moments and targeted feedback are supported by tailored resources that contextualise key skills within vocational delivery.

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1 ½- 2 hr training delivered to curriculum leads or groups of staff in faculty areas (suggested 20 max).

Staff supported to find links in planning documents against ME topic list representing key ME skills across GCSE and Functional Skills.

A recommended lesson objective is supplied for each skill, and a lesson starter is provided to support the introduction and delivery of each objective, with suggested opportunities to contextualise, key questions, a framework for targeted feedback, and guidance for the lecturer.

The training session will cover embedding techniques such as teachable moments and use of vocabulary, and can identify upskilling needs among staff. 

I can also provide:

  • Staff upskilling (including identification of  weak areas and targeted support)

  • Curriculum design (tailored and contextualised)

  • Maths and English cross-college profile raising and skills building activities

Charges are based on a daily rate and calculated based on your individual requirements.

Please contact me to see how I can help your undoubtedly overstretched teams to maximise their impact in English and maths delivery.

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